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What Makes Gears of Clay Pottery Unique

Find out more on my Etsy shop page under "Frequently asked questions", found near the bottom of the page.

About My Pottery: Features

Will Last for Generations

I make all my pottery with stoneware clay. This type of clay is high-fired at 2388 °F which makes it one of the most DURABLE clays. Stoneware clay is also more resistant to chipping and breaking. You can pass down my pottery from generation to generation and it will still be as beautiful as the day you first held it!

Unique Glaze Colors

I fire all my pottery in a gas kiln. This is how I get nontransparent, vibrant colors that pool inside and run along the outside of each piece differently. This is what makes each piece of pottery unique in its own way!

Easy Care

My pottery is all dishwasher, hand-wash, and microwave safe. The color will never fade from wear or use!

Not Made with Molds

I create all my pottery without using any molds. Each piece you see with added parts (such as studs and screws) is completely hand built!

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